About Pam

yoga-pamMy intention is to reach people right where they are and to help them transform their bodies and their lives. My desire is to enrich my own spiritual and healing journey by helping others discover their own healing power. Our heart’s capacity is large, and we must keep filling it up with joy and peace, finding balance in our lives, restoring harmony so we have plenty to give to others.  Life is a continual dance toward balance, finding the right mix of activity and stillness. Quieting my mind, opening my heart, finding my center on a regular basis is essential to continue my mission of healing in the world.

– Pam Bradshaw


Pam has a bachelor’s degree in Communications, with a major in Journalism & Public Relations. However, her journey lead her to Yoga. After being certified in Sivananda Yoga, she completed a course in teaching yoga to people living with a cancer diagnosis. Pam is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and teaches two classes a week to cancer survivors and their caregivers in addition to group and private classes at several locations in the Knoxville area. Three times a year she offers a 6-week course in Gentle / Restorative Yoga.

Pam’s students appreciate that she honors their individual needs, limitations and strengths. The style of Yoga she teaches is gentle and restorative, with an emphasis on adapting poses and designing a practice that fits the person rather than trying to fit the person into the practice. Her intention is to be sensitive enough so each student has a positive experience, and they feel safe, at peace, and open to new possibilities. Pam has helped many cancer patients and people recovering from cancer treatment to discover the healing power of Yoga, which includes learning to use the breath to full advantage, move the body in ways that open and free stagnant energy, and clear the mind to release fear and to find peace, hope and joy.


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