Om Mama Blessing Mantra

Namaste, Good Monday.  I felt my first blog needed to be extra special, so in pursuit of finding just the right words to share with you I came across this beautiful blessing Mantra.  Om Mama Blessing Mantra helps wash away blocks,  the things that typically block our spiritual, physical, mental and emotional healing and progression.  Things like  ego, unworthiness, self-doubt, jealousy, anxiety, fear often creep up and stand in the way of our true loving nature.    I hope you will use this prayer / mantra today, tomorrow, any time, any place, to bring Divine Blessings into your life.   OOOMMMMM !!!

om mama om mama om mama

atma sukheebhava sukheehgava, sukheebhava

atma shanti shanti shanti

avaham avaham avaham